Millands, Gorey, Co. Wexford
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Twenty-Five Years Anniversary

Twenty-Five Years Anniversary

Saint Aidan's Twenty-Five Years Anniversary

As the Centre celebrates twenty-five years we can see a snapshot of the service as it existed in 1990 from this profile which was written at the time;

Since 1981 the Gorey Association for the Handicapped has been operating a Day Activity Centre for persons with moderate/severe mental handicap. This service is financed by local fundraising and deficit funding from the South Eastern Health Board.

Thirty five persons avail of the service and the average daily attendance at present is twenty five. Structured programmes of training and activation are carried out in the Centre and include:

  • personal hygieneSaint Aidan's Twenty-Five Years Anniversary
  • social training
  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • aerobics
  • games
  • physical education
  • craft/work therapy
  • household skills
  • horticulture

The development and operation of this service is consistent with the policy of the South Eastern Health Board and recommendations of the Regional Mental Handicap Committee.

In November, 1989 the Association initiated a pre-school service for children with mental handicap or developmental problems in their premises at Millands, Gorey. Heretofore, the nearest special pre-school was in Enniscorthy and some children from the district were travelling there, in some cases a round trip of over fifty miles. The establishment of the service in Gorey is a great convenience and resource to the parents of these children. The accommodation available is limited but optimum use is made of it. The pre-school is presently operating two mornings per week. This service is financed by the South Eastern Health Board and local fundraising.

In addition to these services the Association has now undertaken the provision of a Day Care Service for the Elderly of Gorey town and District. When a grant of forty thousand pounds from National Lottery funds was allocated to Gorey Social Services in 1988 for this service, a number of constituent organisations were invited to submit proposals to establish and operate the service.

The Association’s proposals were accepted and work started on plans to provide the additional accommodation needed andSaint Aidan's Twenty-Five Years Anniversary determine the operational arrangements in consultation with the South Eastern Health Board. Plans were prepared for an extension to the existing premises to develop additional day facilities ie. Day room, kitchen, bathroom, toilets, office / treatment room and store.

Construction work started at the end of February and has now been completed. The South Eastern Health Board paid grants totalling twenty-six thousand pounds towards the cost of construction, furniture and equipment. Staff (Nurse and Attendant) are being recruited to commence the service on two days per week Tuesday and Thursday.

The association sought funding from the South Eastern Health Board to operate the service and sixteen thousand, seven hundred and fifty euro has been allocated for 1990.

The funding together with contributions from clients and local fundraising is adequate for the provision of a good quality service of care including catering and transport. Services to be provided are nursing care, chiropody, bathing, hairdressing, dinner, laundry and social activities. The development and operation of this service is consistent with the policy and plans of the South Eastern Health Board.