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St. Aidan’s Day Care Centre CLG provides a number of day services which are underpinned by the guiding principles of New Directions.

Transforming Lives

New Directions is one of the key policy documents contained in the HSE Transforming Lives Programme (Value for Money & Policy Review of Disability Services in Ireland). It sets out an approach to day services that envisages all the supports available in communities that will be mobilised so that people with disabilities have the widest choice and options about how to live their lives and how to spend their time.

New Directions

New Directions sets out twelve supports that should be available to people with disabilities using ‘day services’. It proposes that ‘day services’ should take the form of individualised outcome-focussed supports to allow adults using these services to live a life of their choosing in accordance with their own wishes, needs and aspirations. There is a structure set up within the nine HSE Community Healthcare Organisations (CHO) nationally to implement New Directions. These CHO New Directions Implementation Groups have representatives from every HSE funded adult day service provider within the CHO area.

Interim Standards

In November 2015, the HSE published Interim Standards for New Directions Services and Supports for Adults with Disabilities Report requiring service providers and key stakeholders to involve people with disabilities in the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the services and supports provided. The Interim Standards aim to be a catalyst for community inclusion and self-determination in the lives of people with disabilities. They also aim to provide a framework to assist organisations to deliver services and supports in accordance with the vision and stated objectives outlined in the New Directions and the Transforming Lives Programme.


Beta Day Services


Beta Day Service St. Aidan's Services

Our Beta Day Service supports adults with complex physical needs and learning disabilities. The service users participate in a range of programmes and receive professional care to meet their particular needs.




Sr. Antonia Day Service


Sr. Antonia Day Service St. Aidan's Services

Our Sr. Antonia Day Service is located in Market Square, Gorey which provides a comprehensive day service for the older person with an intellectual disability. They participate in a wide range of activities such as cookery, gardening, weaving, exercise and arts and crafts. We ensure that the individual receives the care and supports appropriate to meet their specific needs.




Saoirse Training Centre


St. Aidan's Training Centre

Our Saoirse Training Centre is located in Gorey Business Park. The Training Centre delivers training and rehabilitative training to adults with an intellectual disability aged 18 and upwards.

On-site programmes include personal development, computer skills, yoga, health and fitness, woodwork, arts n crafts, cooking skills, basic horticulture and literacy.

Our in house drama group ‘Saoirse on Stage’ produce an annual winter performance. Most of the individuals who attend the centre are involved in this group in one way or another, whether in the actual show, involved in making props or in providing support on the big night. The value of drama programmes is well noted, with self-confidence, imagination, empathy, co-operation, concentration and communication skills among many other areas to be positively impacted.

Our New Hop Work Skills programme is a specially designed curriculum created to increase the opportunity for inclusion in the labour market for individuals with an intellectual disability. One of our most popular programmes, its integrated personal development and literacy elements make it a key component of our weekly schedule. It has led to the formation of an advanced work skills group which aims to provide the specific skills required to successfully engage in our work experience programme and perhaps seek a referral to the employability service.
Saoirse staff endeavour to source opportunities for community involvement and social integration for the individuals who attend our service. This can take the form of work, education or hobby and leisure. To this end we strive to make and maintain good links with other organisations and services, public and private in our locality in accordance with the guiding principles of New Directions.




Camolin Day Service


Camolin Unit, St. Aidan's Services

This service is an outreach service, based in Camolin. This service provides a day service for adults with an Intellectual Disability. The service provides programmes and social activities based on each individual’s likes and preferences. Each service user has their own Personal Plan, this includes goal setting based on the individual’s wishes. Plans are put in place, in conjunction with the service user, to assist them to achieve their desired goals, wishes and aspirations. Social inclusion is of utmost importance for the service users in this service.






Playground at St. Aidan's Services

Our pre-school provides a stimulating, safe, warm and caring environment to meet the needs of young children with intellectual and physical disabilities. We provide programme’s to assist in the full development of the children, physically, cognitively and emotionally. Services provided include speech therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.




Elderly Day Service


St. Aidan's Day Care Centre, Gorey, Wexford

St. Aidan’s day service for older members of the community offers friendship, care and a social meeting place. A range of activities are provided e.g. card games, singsongs, music, art and crafts, bingo etc.